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Bald Is Beautiful

I had just come back to work after 6 weeks of radiation treatments
for cancer.

My boss was a young, gung-ho, jock type who was clearly missing the
empathy gene.

My first day back in the office I was greeted with a hearty, “You look
like shit! How much weight did you lose?” Which was followed quickly with “Is
your hair going to grow back? You look terrible bald.” He wrapped up
with “I hope the cancer doesn’t come back because you’ve got a ton of
work to catch up on.”

He was clearly stunned when I called him an ‘asshole’ but very
understanding when I explained it was because of the medication I was

I spent the next 2 months calling him every name I could think of,
blaming it on this mysterious, wonderful medication.

16 Comments to Bald Is Beautiful

  1. I call BS on this one too. I guess it’s possible the boss was that big of an ass, but adding the little fairy tale about blaming the medication for your “Touret’s” is a bit much.

  2. WackyWeasel on March 18th, 2010
  3. That’s grounds for an harrasment lawsuit.

  4. hummmm on March 18th, 2010
  5. Who cares if this is BS or not, it’s a story that had some humor and it’s published on the web for crying out loud. If only truthful stories made it to these sites then they would not be nearly as entertaining.

  6. Bored at work on March 18th, 2010
  7. That’s awesome!! Good on you!!

  8. Becinaus on March 19th, 2010
  9. Well I have a boss narcissistic enough to have really said this and I would love to find some medication that would give me permission to tell her to FO for a while. LMAO

  10. People are crazy on March 20th, 2010
  11. Wow WackyWeasel, I pray you never get sick. I found the humor in whomever shared this story. I hope you are in remission and I hope you really told your boss off for all the little ppl who don’t get the opportunity. Sometimes a illness is a blessing in disguise. It’s like when you get older, old ppl don’t bite their tongue and say whatever is on their mind. It’s a right of passage. LOL.

  12. Anna on March 20th, 2010
  13. Unless you had cancer on your head, you wouldn’t lose your hair. Radiation therapy only causes hairloss if it’s concentrated on an area with hair, it’s not like chemo.

    If this is true, good for you. If not, don’t make stories like this up. My father is dying of cancer right now. Not cool.

  14. christine on March 21st, 2010
  15. As the author of this story, I can assure you this is NOT BS.

    Before cancer I was an angry person living in fear of loosing my job because of this bully running my department. When I came back, I was bald, happy to be alive and made myself laugh by playing with this a-hole. He didn’t have any more power over me and it was truly fun blaming the medication for telling him EXACTLY what I thought of him.

    Call it BS if you want, I had fun and have no regrets.
    And when he ‘restructured’ the department and I was asked to leave, I used the ‘please don’t sue us’ money to start my own company. I vowed never to work for another jerk for as long as I could. Cancer free for 17 years and I live every day as a gift from God.

    To christine: my treatments used radiation to treat the lymph-nodes in my neck. No matter what blocking they do, some radiation spreads. This caused large (red) bald patches around the side of my head. I tried to shave my head but the large patches of red bald skin didn’t look so good…and my boss told me so. My prayers for your father.

  16. itmustbeken on March 22nd, 2010
  17. As for the blaming the medication comment. What makes you think that the boss is an idiot and then all of a suddent he is smart enough to catch on to this little bit of knowledge. He’s either an idiot or he’s not. Pick one.

  18. RJ on March 23rd, 2010
  19. I agree with Becinaus. That’s awesome! Clearly, from his comments, your boss was so self-focused he couldn’t see beyond his own view of the world, and believed you about the meds. What an ass! I love it! Congrats on being cancer free for 17 years!

  20. Miss Smee on March 24th, 2010
  21. Christine, might want to google things before you try to act like a smart ass. My aunt lost her hair because of OVARIAN CANCER. Last time I checked, that was nowhere near my head. If the body is weak, hair will get thin and fall out. Be a little more sensitive considering YOUR situation. Eat shit, by the way.

  22. Bit on April 10th, 2010
  23. Lmao, I love this story and i am very glad you did this to your boss.

  24. Amy on April 23rd, 2010
  25. @Christine: You are a dipshit. Chemo causes your hair to fall out no matter WHERE it is concentrated. I’m sorry your father is sick, but that doesn’t make it ok for you to be an ignorant ass.

    This story is hilarious. Good for you for telling that idiot boss of yours off!

  26. Moi on May 6th, 2010
  27. People seem to be confusing chemo with radiation therapy, and vice versa.

  28. joeykay on June 20th, 2010
  29. Moi and BIt don’t go commenting about a comment unless you read it properly, Christaine clearly stated that:
    Radiation therapy only causes hairloss if it’s concentrated on an area with hair, it’s not like chemo.
    The OP has Radition Theropy on his neck, Hence the hair loss.
    Obviously your mate had Chemo NOT Radition.

    Man some people are so stupid.
    Congrats on being cancer free for 17 years OP your a true testimate to human determination, I’m sorry you have to put up with these mis guided, sitting in a basement, stereotypical, bigman nerds.

  30. Bear on August 2nd, 2011
  31. I worked at Hardee’s a long time ago (88-93) and this woman showed up with a new hair style. I told her her hair looked good, not knowing it was a wig, till way later. She wasn’t mad because I acted out of stupidity.

  32. mcradloff on April 26th, 2012

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