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My worse boss had to be the a principal at the first school I worked
at after earning my teaching degree. I was thrilled to be teaching a
fourth grade class, but I soon learned that my principal no longer
cared about the students. He was about to retire so he was almost
never at work, but when he was there he was always looking for some
way to correct you – especially the women as he was sexist. On more
than one occasion he would walk into my class, pull out my desk
drawers, and then sit in my chair with his feet propped up on the
drawers. Then he would see something ‘wrong’ and he would proceed to
interupt my class to correct me. He lectured me that I needed to play
classical music in class, I needed different classical music, the
arrangement of the desks were wrong, my class was too crowded (I had
32 students but 30 desks, and I couldn’t get another desk.) the room
was too hot, too cold, not enough posters on the wall, etc. It was a
nightmare. One day, however, really took the cake. I had discovered
that my kids really needed some work on math skills before the end of
the year tests, so we were working hard on that. One day, the
principal comes in with this big smile on his face. He announces
loudly to me so that the kids can hear, “Good news! I just found out
the students can use calculators on the math and science portions of
the test, so it doesn’t matter if they can’t add or subtract properly.
Forget going over multiplication and just teach them how to use a
calculator.” I was stunned.

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