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Clean Desk Policy

I work for a mortgage company. About 6 months ago they put a “clean
desk policy” in place to help ensure the security of customer
information. One of the guidelines states that you must put away any
document that has customer information on it in your desk, and make
sure drawers and cabinets are locked if you’re leaving your desk. I
came in this morning to find that my desk had been “snooped” and I was
written up for a clean desk policy violation. What prompted this? Oh,
well I failed to lock one of my cabinets before going home last night.
What was IN said cabinet? Nothing except food. It’s my effing snack
cabinet! I got written up for not locking my snack items away,
because, as we all know, food loves to run it’s mouth, and is
therefore a huge security risk…

Right. I love my job (or so I keep telling myself every morning).

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