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F The Cold

I have a medical condition that is a bit odd. I have cold urticaria.
Basically, I am allergic to the cold. If I am exposed to cold air for
longer than 10-15 minutes, once I start warming back up I get hives
all over my skin. It itches so badly that I will scratch until I
bleed. I have scars on my legs from a reaction a few years ago. I work
as a stocker in a grocery store. My supervisor thinks it is hilarious
to ask me to spend the whole morning stocking the dairy and beer
sections. I tried not to complain, and after the first time it
happened I brought in extra clothing to wear for the next time he
asked me. He thinks it is hilarious to watch me break out and spend
the afternoon scratching myself raw. The second time he assigned me to
the dairy case, I began to bundle up to avoid a reaction. He saw me
and said he would write me up for violating the uniform code. It would
help if I took a Benedryl, but then I wouldn’t be able to do my job
because I would be so drowsy. My doctor has told me there isn’t much I
can do, beyond bundling up or taking a Benedryl, and because my
condition is more of a nuisance than an emergeny medical condition, he
can’t really write me a note that my supervisor will take seriously. I
would complain to the store manager, but my supervisor is the
manager’s can’t-do-anything-wrong son. I’m fucked until I find a new

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