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Grapes Of Wrath

I work at a law school as an assistant. Note that I said LAW school.
My boss asked me to plan a reception and said he wanted to serve
wine. He provided a wine list. I called our caterer and gave her the
list, she then sent me a catering estimate with the wines listed
which I gave to my boss. He looked it over and told me to buy and
serve the wine on my own since that was cheaper. I explained to him
that doing that would be against the law. You can’t just hold an
event wihout a licensed and bonded bartender because of state law and
personal liability. He told me he didn’t believe this and to prove it.
I called our school’s academic affairs office and they told me that if
I served alcohol without a liquor license that the school could be
fined by the state and that as the event planner I could personally
get sued if anything went wrong such as underage drinking or a car
accident by an intoxicated guest. I explained this to my boss. He
told me that I should not have told anyone else, that he didn’t care
if that was the law because it was better to save money (remember,
this is a law school!), and then told me that I should just do what I
am told, whether it is legal or not.

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