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I Can See Down Your Shirt

I found out today from a male coworker that my boss comes over to my
desk and asks questions he knows the answer to simply so he can stare
down my shirt. Oh, and he is fat, bald and old enough to be my dad.

50 Comments to I Can See Down Your Shirt

  1. That’s because he CAN see down your shirt. Ball is in your court now, lassie.

  2. Devil's Advocate on February 28th, 2011
  3. I had a coworker who used to do that to me… but he would just be open about it… come at me and look down and said, “looking good down there”.. he was gross…

  4. Suze on February 28th, 2011
  5. Use a little glue and paste some hair in your cleavage, then wear a low cut shirt. Do it gradually, though, one hair the first day, then a few more, a few more the next week, etc. until you have more chest hair than he does. It will probably stop once he starts thinking you are growing a divinely hairy chest.

  6. Lisa on February 28th, 2011
  7. Fat and bald have nothing to do with the story. Looking down your shirt is grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit – IF you can prove it.

    Once had a girl at target wearing a low cut shirt bend over to get the barcode off an item in my cart. I tried not to look but there it was, a foot from my face. So after she stood back up, I said “Sorry, I was trying not to look”… and she laughed.

    Have a sense of humor about it, but call him out, and see what happens. “Oh, sorry, are you looking for some money hidden in there?” or some such.

  8. Russell Miller on February 28th, 2011
  9. Turtleneck time.

  10. Scott on February 28th, 2011
  11. Stop wearing shirts that show off clevage, it’s highly unprofessional.
    Are you implying that if he was a 26 year old athlete with curly blond locks it would be ok for him to look?

  12. Gianna on February 28th, 2011
  13. Fat, bald, and old, but not stupid! Bald and old aren’t controllable, your shirt buttons can be. Stop being such a tramp!

  14. Big Deal on February 28th, 2011
  15. On one hand, this is sexual harrassment and you should not tolerate it. On the other hand, it behooves you to wear appropriate clothing in a professional environment. Button up.

  16. Barbara on February 28th, 2011
  17. You can’t stop men from staring at your chest, but you can prevent them from looking down your shirt if you stop wearing low cut tops, OP, if you really care that much. I’ve just learned to live with it. I cover up cleavage when I should (like in a professional setting) but when I do show some, I know men, and some women too, will look down my top if they’re given the opportunity.

  18. pixie on February 28th, 2011
  19. So, what does the boss being fat, bald and old enough to be your father have to do with you dressing provocatively? Try dressing more appropriately and you won’t have the issue. Showing cleavage is unprofessional and invites the perverts to do such a thing.

    You are causing the problem, not the boss. He is a man, and it’s no secret that if you bare ANY cleavage, men WILL look.

  20. Heywood on February 28th, 2011
  21. A picture of your nugs, or it didn’t happen!

  22. kcmookie on February 28th, 2011
  23. I don’t know when it became the norm for women to flash cleavage at work, but it’s tacky. Then to get your knickers in a twist when men look at your wares is just sniveling. You’re the one displaying it. Take some personal responsibility, you twit.

  24. Gilda on February 28th, 2011
  25. Maybe you should be flattered. If you’re hot, he has good taste. Otherwise, hush.

  26. stupid on February 28th, 2011
  27. Well, if you’re going to put it on display, don’t be surprised if people look at it.

  28. KenDoll on February 28th, 2011
  29. stop having your goods hangout dress the right way and this will stop.

  30. avaray on February 28th, 2011
  31. Knickers, sniveling, and twit. I love you, Gilda.

  32. Jimbo on February 28th, 2011
  33. This reminds me of Carol’s Boss from Tim and Eric Awesome Show. OP, it’s your fault for looking good enough for a poke.

  34. Jimbo on February 28th, 2011
  35. I am overweight (working to fix) bald (not much I can do about that) and only 34… if a good looking woman is wearing a revealing shirt and I have the opportunity to check out some cleavage… heck ya.

    Love all the comments, good to see proper women standing up and saying to those who dress provocatively and then snivel about it to shut up and screw their head on right.

  36. Joshua on February 28th, 2011
  37. *sigh* I remember when my older sister started a job where my aunt works and, on the first day, she was reprimanded by her boss for wearing something “fit for a strip club in a courthouse” on the first day. My aunt came home in tears she was laughing so hard.
    Maybe you should start bartending and get some tips if they’re worth looking at that much. Otherwise, just wear a cami underneath any low-cut tops sweetie.

  38. Erin on February 28th, 2011
  39. Just realised I wrote “on the first day twice”…yep, that settles it, I need a break. Ciao! :-D

  40. Erin on February 28th, 2011
  41. I hate to say this but if having a man look down your shirt is the worst you have happen to you in your work place, you got it made.

    A million years ago (I was 19), I started my government job and an older employee grabbed my breast and made a comment. By the time I walked back from my bosses office to my building, the man had been moved to the other side of the base.

    If I had a problem everything a guy made a comment about my tata’s or the way I sway my hips (even after a million years) there would be no one left to work with. LOL

    You have to do what the other people say – wear different clothes OR understand that some men will do that. It doesn’t make it right, but it will make you feel better to not have men you don’t feel are attractive stealing glances at your goods.

  42. Brattus Rattus on February 28th, 2011
  43. Stop wearing shirts that show off your boobs and wear camisoles under your tops.

    Also who cares about age or looks? I think older men are sexy and as for looks – good looking guys could be abusive jerks while the “fat and bald” might treat you like a goddess. Personality is more important then looks.

  44. Jami on February 28th, 2011
  45. Jessica?

  46. I'm With Stupid on February 28th, 2011
  47. I have the same problem when I’m working on the fridge in somebody’s house. Only I’m fat. And it’s not boob cleavage. And they usually only do it once by accident, then they leave me alone to do my work. I feel like such a piece of meat.

  48. Join the club... on February 28th, 2011
  49. What Pixie said. Cover it up, or deal.

  50. babs on March 1st, 2011
  51. Hey if your boss walked around with his testicles out I guaranty you’d be looking too! (Probably for different reasons though)

  52. P.G. on March 1st, 2011
  53. Stop dressing like a whore at work. Problem solved.

  54. Shutup Man on March 1st, 2011
  55. I agree with everyone, your problem is that you wear too low cut shirts at work. Clearly, you do it for the attention from younger men. But, your plan backfired. You should go to plan be, wear better clothing. And call people out when they are obvious. Ask if they are looking for a pen, post-it note, something, because obviously, they wouldn’t be standing right over you for any other reason than they were looking for something.

  56. t-rex on March 1st, 2011
  57. Bald and old do not equal dead, he’s a man and has a pulse so he’s going to look. DON’T GIVE HIM SOMETHING TO LOOK AT, dress correctly.

  58. oldfan on March 1st, 2011
  59. Thank goodness everyone here saw reason and advised OP to cover up. Seriously, he can’t look at what you don’t show, sweetie.

  60. LiliRoze on March 1st, 2011
  61. I wish you girls would stop looking down my top, it makes my nipples all hard and what not.

  62. kcmookie on March 1st, 2011
  63. Really? Women wear low cut tops intentionally because they like the attention they get from men. Maybe not this particular man, but in general they like the attention. That’s why women continue to buy them despite their supposed complaints about men staring at their chest. If you don’t like it, then don’t wear low cut tops, problem solved.

  64. Nope on March 1st, 2011
  65. Cry me a river. Like everyone said. cover your goods and he wont have anything to look at.

  66. Ava Ray on March 1st, 2011
  67. Wear low-cut tops outside of company time- it is unprofessional and gives people a bad impression of, not only you, but the company you represent.

    If you wear low-cut tops outside of office hours, don’t be picky by who looks. You put yourself out in public like that everyone is going to see- and not just the people you want to see.

    Whatever happened to office dress codes?

  68. LoopyLoki on March 1st, 2011
  69. OP, I was once like you.

    I learned that even if my cleavage is ‘glanced at’ by a young, good-looking man, I’ve only presented myself as ‘easy’. Anything I’d say was muted by the images of my tatas in his mind anyway.

    If you need a man you don’t have to spend time advertising in that manner. Unless you’re looking for a Tiger Woods or Charlie Sheen type.

    If you have a man and just like to be regarded as attractive, you can still cover up the cleavage and be sexy. If your tatas are nice, they’re imagining them anyway

  70. That Girl on March 1st, 2011
  71. i wear low cut tops because i enjoy the attention of any male because my dad never loved me….anyway, its perfectly natural for you to show your boobs in public, next time, just ask this man to show his as well. that way you’ll be even.

  72. hater on March 1st, 2011
  73. Only natural if you get cheap plastic beads in return, hater.

  74. Lisa on March 1st, 2011
  75. If you didn’t want us to look, you wouldn’t put them on display. It’s as simple as that.

  76. xscrollerx on March 2nd, 2011
  77. But, Lisa, the beads are soooo pretty and shiny! I have bags of them now.

  78. Erin on March 2nd, 2011
  79. I have GG breasts, if I can put them away so that no one is looking down my top, so can you. If you’ve got them on display you have no right to complain that guys are looking. If he were making comments, or touching you, then yes, totally inappropriate, but complaining that he’s looking is like complaining that someone looked at your hair. If it’s on display in a public forum, then people are going to look, and if you are uncomfortable with that, then cover up.

  80. Melpomene on March 2nd, 2011
  81. I used to have a teacher (in high school) who used her breasts to intimidate people. She’d lean over our tiny desks and push them out at us while staring us down. It worked. It’s really uncomfortable to have large breasts that close to your face in a classroom setting. Perhaps, you could just own your boobies and use them in your favor, OP.

  82. FiendFiend on March 2nd, 2011
  83. I’m flat as a pancake so I don’t have this problem!

    PS – Lisa’s chest hair suggestion is awesome. If I had big boobs, I wouldn’t even need to glue. I’m currently hosting quite the crop down there.

  84. DooDoo Face on March 2nd, 2011
  85. Also, I think it’s weird that the majority of folks here are assuming the OP was dressed inappropriately rather than that the guy was a perv. He’s bald and old, so he IS obviously a perv.

  86. FiendFiend on March 2nd, 2011
  87. OK may I say, that my own personal issue is not the peaking down the shirt… even when I’m all covered guys still stare at my chest.. I’m a grown up, I get it… my problem is when they make comments… it’s like, dude, look… but don’t talk to me about them… or lookie but no touchie… ya know? I’m not the OP btw lol.

  88. Suze on March 2nd, 2011
  89. One thing not mentioned – perhaps the male friend who was refering to the “other guy” looking down your top was lying. Perhaps he was just trying to tell u in a nice way that he thinks u need to cover up.

  90. LiliRoze on March 6th, 2011
  91. Why would he look down your shirt? Pictures please.

  92. Rafi on March 7th, 2011
  93. If you haven’t noticed him doing it yourself then he’s obviously not being obtrusive about it, in which case he’s not creating an uncomfortable environment. Something can’t really be harassment if you don’t notice it happening; stands to reason.

  94. Dr. Chalkwitheringlicktacklefeff on March 16th, 2011
  95. Cant you find another way to get promoted?

  96. cw on March 19th, 2011
  97. of all the jobs I’ve held, all men who looked were held accountable. Stupid shit right there. A buddy of mine tried it out by wearing a pair of PT shorts that were about 3 sizes too big so his junk was on display… He gets in trouble for 1) looking down a shirt that’s practically touching the desk, the neckline was so large, 2) checkin out cooters from girls whose shorts are too big or too form-fitting, 3) gets charged with indecent exposure. Fuck the Military :P

    *Not saying Fuck the Military in a derogatory form – I’ve served in both Marines and Army and while the 2 have shitty times, the majority of the time spent in either one rocked!*

  98. Rick on April 10th, 2011
  99. If ‘tits” are out…im lookin also………….

  100. Broski on August 25th, 2011

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