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Let Me See That Thong

I worked at a retail store part time and had a real annoying boss.
You could not do anything that would make him happy.

One night when we were closing the store, he was being a dick and
would not let any of leave. He made us follow him around to point out
everything that we were doing wrong. As he was bending over to
show me something, I noticed that he was wearing a woman’s thong. I
got my cell phone ready just in case he did it again. I was lucky (not
really) that I got to see it again and this time I was ready and snapped
a picture.

A few weeks later he blamed me for a mistake that he made and I got
fired soon after that. As I was on my way home, I sent the picture
out to a few co-workers and they sent it on to more. He left the
company soon after because everyone was making fun of him.

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