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My first job out of high school that wasn’t fast food was at an
insurance call center that had a contract with Medicaid. The only
thing I enjoyed about the job was the pay. I made $14.50 an hour at an
entry level position, it was absolutely amazing. The firs three weeks
I was there I received my basic training and the job seemed easy
enough, then I met one of my bosses. He was an elderly Iranian man,
and what made my jaw drop was that he was very stereotypical. When he
met all of the new employees (me included) he only addressed the men
and only want to know the men’s names. But I figured that it was no
big deal since everyone said that he never really came onto the call
center floor, so no one really saw him, unless it was bad news. So
after working there for a little over a month I see why there were so
many positions open for the company. The people were clueless and when
people called the employees seemed to just yell and hang up on the
callers. I understood their frustration because it was a repetitive
job. I worked on the doctors’ line, and every day it seemed the same
doctors called about the same problems. One of the biggest problems
was doctors calling about machines that we had sent them and
complaining about how it didn’t work or how the machine kept saying
their clients didn’t have insurance. 98% of the time the first problem
was not the machine, but because the doctors didn’t have the machines
on their own lines, they would have it plugged in with 3 or 4 other
machines. And 99% of the time when the machine said that the patient
didn’t have insurance, it wasn’t a problem with the machine, it was
because the patient didn’t have insurance!

But what topped the cake for me was when my boss (the stereotypical
middle eastern man) came onto the floor and went from desk to desk
yelling and screaming at people because they made mistakes and he had
the reports to prove it. But all of the people being yelled at were
the women. Finally he made his way to my desk. He told me to pull up a
doctor’s file and starting throwing the papers in his hand at me and
screaming about how I hadn’t documented the doctor’s call properly. He
then resorted to name calling and decided to finish off his rant with
“Get it right you fat American cow or you are fired!” When he finished
I looked at the file and noticed two big problems with it.

1. The documentation he said was missing was on the second page.

2. I hadn’t taken the call, it was a male coworker who started at the
same time I did. We didn’t even have similar names.

So I brought this to my boss’s attention and right there on the floor
he spat on the floor and started yelling about how ‘dare’ I insult him
by trying to correct him. And began another screaming rant about how
horrible American women are and how in his country women know their
place. I left midway through his rant and reported his behavior to his
boss and quit right afterwards. Last I heard he was told to take an
unpaid vacation for a month and then less than a year later he was
forced to retire because he had spoken to a customer in a rude manner
and the company lost its contract with the state.

12 Comments to Medicaid

  1. It seems that he should have been reported long ago but I’m guessing no had the balls to do so. I hold out hope that he isn’t the norm from his country but I could easily be wrong. I do know that from working in call centers Sups play favorites no matter what their background. Sorry you had a shit boss OP. Glad that you reported his ass though.

  2. Siobhan on January 7th, 2014
  3. Yep, shitty boss, but really needed to be reported higher-up. My mom worked in Medicare/Medicaid, and though one of her bosses also sucked (he liked to sneak around blasting employees with a water pistol, and if their work got wet, he called it their fault; I went on a “take your kid to work” day and got to see him do that!) they were efficient; they got stuff done and did it right.

  4. Zephyr Skunk on January 8th, 2014
  5. I call BS. This story is fake. A lot like the admin for this website. Get some stories and bring back your fans. I would have fired you if you were my employee.

  6. urbanpossum on January 8th, 2014
  7. Story teller, I am certain it was difficult for you to sleep at night knowing that you were enabling lazy freelo-aders to milk the system.

  8. Walternate the Costco Fareweller on January 8th, 2014
  9. Come to think of it, UP, you make a good point. This DOES sound too crazy to be true. I’ll join you in your opinion.

    Go send another gushy love letter to what’s-his-face in Congress that you adore so much, Walt. Maybe he’ll cancel all health care services of every kind, just for you.

  10. Zephyr Skunk on January 8th, 2014
  11. It’s an election year, and Mr. Cantor will need to tack to the right if he does not want to face a tea party candidate in the primary. So this is a very realistic possibility. Walt, the iron’s hot, baby. Strike!

    Y’all are crying “BS” but it sounds familiar to me, are we sure it’s not a re-print, or something very similar to a previous story?

  12. patricko on January 8th, 2014
  13. I call bs on this story.

  14. Kate on January 9th, 2014
  15. That’s his name! Eric Cantor, the dude Walt’s got a man-crush on. Thing is, the Tea Party also wants no health care, it’s all “government meddling.” And if the GOP hasn’t realized the Tea Party isn’t helping them, they should.

  16. Zephyr Skunk on January 9th, 2014
  17. Why did you quit? The best part about getting a boss fired is staying at the place while the loser doesn’t have a job!

  18. t-rex on January 9th, 2014
  19. Weyull, I’ll be. The dayumm boss was forst out and this heer women is to thank fer them loosing there contract! Wow! What a bayud ace!

  20. Jimbo on January 15th, 2014
  21. Wow, what a shithole.

  22. No One on January 24th, 2014
  23. In his defense, most Amercian’s are fat cows grazing off the land (social security)

  24. SupSup on February 12th, 2014

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