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My Boss The Drunk

While going to college, I worked at this hole-in-the-wall bar the
next town over. The woman who owned the place seemed nice at first
and things went pretty smoothly.

That only lasted until I worked my first weekend and then I really
noticed that there was a problem. For every 4-5 drinks she served,
she drank one. She got roaring drunk that Friday night and picked a
lucky bachelor from the bar to take home with her. She got in her car
and drove the mile to her place and told us to close up for her. After
asking the other waitress about this she said it was par for the

I had to work the next morning and had to wait outside (no key) as
she rolled in 20 minutes late with last night’s guy in the passenger
seat and finishing off the dregs of a bottle of Jack. She gave him a
kiss, grabbed his junk, and he stumbled off to his truck waiting in
the parking lot.

The next two years I worked there, I saw her drinking escalate from
what I witnessed at the start. She would have a bottle of wine a 9 am
and drink through lunch. I’d drive her home, drag her in the house,
and leave her on the floor. More than once she passed out in the
middle of the bar rush. Despite having a boyfriend, it wasn’t
uncommon for her to take home two barflies at the same time.

Sundays were supposed to be when she would order the week’s food and
supplies for the bar. She would be so hungover after her weekend
binging that she wouldn’t get to it. By Tuesday we would run out of
stuff, the company would be p.o.’d that she didn’t order on time, and
she would give me cash to go to the local bulk store and try to
squeeze out enough supplies until we could get a truck in. Oftentimes
she’d tell me to go because I’m the one that screwed up by not being
more frugal with my portions and I was costing her money.

She would take wads of cash out of the register, shove it in her
pocket, and go on spending sprees. Later she’d add up what was
supposed to be in the till and get furious and demand to know who was
skimming off the top and go on a rampage until someone reminded her
that they watched her take $300 yesterday and drive away.

The last straw was when my paychecks bounced. Two of them had done it
before I realized it, and I had just paid my college tuition money and
they (as well as the bank) were breathing down my necks about
insufficient funds. When I told her about this she called me a lying
bitch and that I was just trying to scam her. I was so furious I
threatened to call every authority known and have her liquor license
revoked for her selling to underage kids, the health department about
her dirty secrets, and the IRS about her money issues. She told me
she’d sort things out and she never wanted to see me in her
restaurant again.

My bank got called, I got my paychecks, and I found another job.

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