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Not Management Material

I work for a popular Mexican restaurant chain. I started as I was
finishing up my Bachelors in Hospitality and Service Management with
a concentration in food. The GM that hired me for the new store
opening promoted his friends from college along with two other losers
that ended up getting fired. Anyway, that GM eventually was fired and
his assistant took his place.

As my time there went on, I finished my education and was told I was
going to get a promotion on several occasions. When I transferred to
a new store to help open it and train new employees, I was told I was
up for a promotion and soon after the next after that (kitchen manager
to service manager.) Well, instead my boss hired someone who was 20,
little to no experience, and no formal education for the service
manager position in which I sought. My boss would even sit me down
and say things like: “I can’t run this store without you…”

Consequently, he is the only one who doesn’t think I can hack it,
other managers and the staff alike treat me like manager and even
view me as one. Well, we’ll see how much he really needs me when I
just leave without notice for my new job.

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