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Sausage Party

When I was in my twenties and not really out as gay to anyone, I
worked in the corporate offices of a large home improvement company.
Every month my small department would meet with the Vice President
and a few other big wigs in the division for lunch at the company

One day I ordered polish sausages and red beans and rice. The fat,
bald VP took it upon himself to say loudly as I was eating my meal,
“I bet you’re used to sausages in your mouth!”

If that had happened now he would have had red beans and rice dumped
on his head…but back then I just slumped lower in my seat and
stopped eating.

A month or so later, the Director of my division stopped by for one
of her usual visits. I had always had my left ear pierced but had
recently pierced my right ear too. With a big smirk on her face she
said, “I’ve heard that if you have an earring in your right ear
you’re gay, and if you have one in your left ear you want to
be….which is it with you???”

I immediately starting looking for a new job.

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