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Sausage Party

When I was in my twenties and not really out as gay to anyone, I
worked in the corporate offices of a large home improvement company.
Every month my small department would meet with the Vice President
and a few other big wigs in the division for lunch at the company

One day I ordered polish sausages and red beans and rice. The fat,
bald VP took it upon himself to say loudly as I was eating my meal,
“I bet you’re used to sausages in your mouth!”

If that had happened now he would have had red beans and rice dumped
on his head…but back then I just slumped lower in my seat and
stopped eating.

A month or so later, the Director of my division stopped by for one
of her usual visits. I had always had my left ear pierced but had
recently pierced my right ear too. With a big smirk on her face she
said, “I’ve heard that if you have an earring in your right ear
you’re gay, and if you have one in your left ear you want to
be….which is it with you???”

I immediately starting looking for a new job.

16 Comments to Sausage Party

  1. You missed your chance to make some money

  2. Sarai on March 19th, 2010
  3. That’s not even funny. It’s completely different if your friends are joking around with you but it sounds like you don’t even like these people, can’t they get in serious trouble and you can make bank off them?

  4. Colin on March 19th, 2010
  5. wow.. sounds to me like you had a great lawsuit on your hands.. shoulda went after it… That’s some serious sexual harrassment going on there

  6. momma on March 20th, 2010
  7. This was 17 years ago. It’s possible that my state had sexual orientation as a protected status back then, but when you’re 24 years old and not even out to your parents yet, a lawsuit is a very daunting process.

    There are still states though where it is not illegal to be fired because you’re gay. I’m sure people in those states go through this kind of crap every day.

  8. MrSausage on March 20th, 2010
  9. You folks have to realize that in many states sexual orientation is not a protected class (including my state of Ohio), so it would not be truly considered sexual harassment. Not saying it’s right, but that’s the way it is.

  10. Cynner on March 20th, 2010
  11. I would have slapped him and her. Of course you would have gone to jail for slapping her…odd how that works

  12. KittyK on March 20th, 2010
  13. Suck it up sweetheart.

  14. John on March 22nd, 2010
  15. Why would you leave a company that has people with good senses of humor…stop being so gay…I mean, stop acting like a woman….I mean suck it up sweetheart.

  16. LudaCris on March 24th, 2010
  17. The sausage comment is just rude, uncouth and that guy should have been reprimanded for making it. The comment about the earring is just a small bit of teasing and I wouldn´t make too much out of it.

  18. Geoff on March 29th, 2010
  19. LudaCris is an asshole. I’m sorry to hear that you went through this stuff, homophobia is still way too prevalent.

  20. Kyle on March 29th, 2010
  21. Geoff…coming from a different person that kind of a comment is no big deal. I was young, but I wasn’t that naive. I knew exactly what her sentiment was and the tone was not at all friendly. I would describe it as sarcastic and nasty.

    We all learn from these kinds of experiences, and I can guarantee you that no one would ever get away with something like again.

  22. MrSausage on March 30th, 2010
  23. Typical Americans, first thought is a lawsuit.

    Maybe they just didn’t want a poofter working there.

    Good choice with ordering the sausage, you outed yourself. I’m sure your new job as a hairdresser is much more rewarding.

    Suck it up princess.

  24. Stig on June 14th, 2010
  25. You must have been flaming for someone that doesn’t see you all the time to make the comment about you being a sausage sucker.

  26. Raleigh on July 7th, 2010
  27. That’s what you get for being a fag.

  28. MandM on December 4th, 2010
  29. I hate homosexuality. I do not hate homosexuals. The comments were unprofessional&uncalled for. What a couple of jerks.

  30. DaddyBigDawg on April 13th, 2011
  31. Wow Stig your a dick, get out from under that rock you’ve been hiding under and you will be welcomed to the 21st century. Stupid Homophobic F**ks, how dare you actually use the word poofter.
    I read in a magazine that 80% of homophobic’s are just too scared to come out of the closet and the other 20% are just scared of taking it up the bum, So which one are you? I’ll bet waiting to come out of the closet.
    Grow up and get out of the basement

  32. Bear on August 2nd, 2011

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