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She Showed Me Her Boobies

I am the vice principal of a Catholic school. There is not a board of
directors or trustees or any other overseers, only the headmaster,
who is the owner. Everyone reports directly to her. Unfortunately,
she does not dress like a conservative Catholic. She dresses very
provocatively; short skirts, plunging necklines and blouses so tight
that the buttons pop open. When parents have conferences with her,
the fathers don’t know where to look. I can tell they are very
embarrassed. I know the high school boys talk about her dress. She is
a fifty-something year old lady trying to look young but she only
looks ridiculous! I have told her on many occasion to “cover the
girls”. Over the years it has gotten worse. It is very uncomfortable
to the male teachers. The faculty comes to me constantly complaining.
They all think I should go to her about her dress. How can I talk to
her about her dress and still keep my job? I really love what I do
and I love the kids and staff but she is giving the school a bad
image by “puttting herself out there” literally. Once parents meet
her, many of them choose not to send their children to the school. At
heart she is a great and loving person but I really don’t think she
has a clue or if she does, why is she doing it?

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