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Take Out The Trash

I was working at Arby’s when this girl was hired as assistant
manager. I don’t think she had a lick of brain power. She was utterly
useless, but she was forced on our store by the district manager.

One night when she was closing manager, she asked me to take the
trash out at close. That was against policy since it’s not safe to go
out back after dark. So, I reminded her of policy and she replied,
“Come on. Please take out the trash.” I proceeded to remind her of
the policy again and she actually whined at me and said,
“Oh…pleeeeeeease?” I reminded her, yet again, of the policy. She
whined again. I couldn’t take it anymore. I just grabbed one bag,
took it out to the trash and left.

The next day, I talked to the GM. He then talked to her. She
proceeded to roll her eyes and salute him while saying, “Yes sir!”
Mind you, the GM is an active veteran of the Iraqi war, so he didn’t
take kindly to that. She was fired quickly afterwards.

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