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That’s My Wife

I suspected that my wife was having an affair but I let that feeling
go on too long before I did something about it.

The 2nd week of December 2007 my company had a Christmas party. It
was just the same as the past 10 Christmas parties I’ve ever gone to
but this one was different. This party my boss decided to press his
business card into the palm of my wife of 12 years. Yes, this is the
same wife that I helped put through college and paid the oil bill for
her mother for like, forever.

So, I’ll cut to the punchline….It turns out that my boss was
banging my wife, mostly in a hotel but I learned later that he was
doing her in my house and once did it on my desk while I was at the

I got the last laugh though. My lawyer requested the surveillance
footage from my office the night of their tryst and I was able to sue
her for pretty much everything and got my boss fired.

I got 250K in the divorce. My lawyer got half of that but what the
hell. My loser wife is gone, my ex-boss is pushing a shopping cart
around Virginia and I have a great job in Florida.

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