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The ‘Coffee Place’

Okay,so I worked at a coffee place, the canadian version of dunken’
doughnuts pretty much. And when I applied for the job I already had I
job at a catering serrvice (best job ever) and told them that during
the interview. that job came first. I also told them I was going away
to paris at the end of june 2009. (This was in march) That brance of
the store was so cheep and crappy it blew my mind. No discount on
anything for employees, even during breaks, which we only got a 15
minute break every 8 hours. Not to mention the number of safty and
health regulations they’re shattering. A rickty old latter that we
usee to get giant ass boxes of heavy mixes off the top shelf. (15ft
above the ground.) The floor was almost never clean, one time I had a
spare minute and it was a slow night so I grabbed the broom and went
to sweep the floor and i got chewed out saying I was showing contempt
for her athority. Okay then. There was no break room, no staff
bathroom, the regular bathrooms were hardly ever clean. I could go on
and on.

Like any person with 2 jobs there is sometimes scheduling conflicts
between the two and sense the catering one paid more, and I had it
first, it was my priority. So one day I had to work at the catering
place from 10am to 5:30, but I thought I had to be at the coffee
place at 5. So I called the night before and told them I would be
late showing up due to my other job but would be there as soon as I
could. They called me back the next day and told me they had no
record of my having another job and that If I wasn’t there on time
‘actions’ would have to be taken. Obviously I’m confused. I told them
that I informed the owner of the store that I had a job and that it
was a priority and hung up on them. Anyway, I got a call back from
them about twenty minutes later saying that I wasn’t on till 6
anyway. I called the owner that night after work and questioned her
about this, she just said “Oh I forgot.” and hung up.

The only other incedent of note was the on my last day. A few days
before this was my graduation prom, so of corse I’m going to get all
decked out, I got a french manicure, the ones with the fake nails
that are impossible to get off, the whole she-bang.
When I booked the appointment to get my nails on I also booked one to
get them off. Anyway, the day after prom I called in to work and
informed them that I couldn’t come into work. (They booked me for
days that I had booked off, I intended to have the nails off before I
went back to work as they are against the health code.) When they
asked why i told them it was because it would be against the health
regulations, due to my nails.
A rather acceptable reason, and considering my shift was only four
hours long I didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal. Boy was I
wrong. She told me it was fine and to come in anyway. So I did,
whatever. Its not like they would have falled off. I went in worked
my four hour shift then my boss told me I was fired. Of corse I asked
why and she said because my nails were agianst the health code and
that I was being unsainitary by comming into work with them. I
reminded her of the discussion we had prior to me comming in, and me
stating i can’t work because of them, (It was her I had the
conversation with) and she denied it completly. I wasn’t upset in the
slightest about being fired, I grinned the whole way home. Shittiest
place to work. EVER.

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