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The Poo Poo Platter

I worked at a Chinese restaurant that’s known for their lettuce wraps. I was a host and I was taking a family back and I sneezed. I was polite, I covered my face with my arm. The problem was I farted extremely loudly at the same time.

My boss lost it. He berated me in front of the customers. He then took the menus and sat the family himself. Everybody around us was laughing by the way. Including me, though I was fighting it.

He ended up comping the families food and gave gift cards to all the people that were around me when it happened. Turned out to be like $400 in free meals and gift cards. The reason I know that is because at the end of the night he tried to tell me I was responsible for the food comps.

I told him that he can go right ahead and fuck himself. He never did pursue the money he said I “owed” the restaurant for my explosion. Though it was an awesome reason to get fired. Unemployment was easy to obtain.

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