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The Techie

I had been out of college for about 2 years and was working at a
small IT firm as their only website developer. It was a nice firm,
but it was a small company, only 5 people (techies + secretary) so
there wasnt any growth opportunities. One day we got a client in,
who, after seeing my skills asked me if I would like to come and work
for them, which would double my salary.

I was very keen, since it seemed like a cool company, with 2 branches
and proper directors and everything. The guys I worked with were
great, and even my manager was a cool guy. Then the company decided
to close down the branch I was living in, and those that wanted to
could relocate 400 miles away to the main branch. I decided to do it,
since it would be a move from a small coastal city, to a huge city,
with more opportunites.

Long story short, my new boss, the MD of the company was a spineless
jackass. I would work from 7:30am to 8pm most days, and if I came
into work a little after 8:30am (which was my normal starting time)
he would sarcastically say, “Taking half-day are we”. He wasnt all
bad, but he never said no to a client, and as a result myself and the
other 2 developers were always swamped. When we had company lunches,
he liked to tell other people that he was a relaxed manager, and that
if we finished our work on time, we were free to come and go as we
pleased. He had no real managerial skills, and was a bit of a
pushover. I got my salary doubled again just because he was so scared
of me leaving.

The shit hit the fan back at the end of 2008 when the he told us that
everyone would be getting bonuses for the first time ever in the
company’s 7 year history. It would be at least a 13th paycheck. Most
people were so happy they spent their December salaries and Xmas
gifts and nice holidays. Come January 2009, no bonuses. The guy was
so spineless he didnt even tell us the company was in financial
issues and would not be paying our salaries, we had to find out from
the poor HR lady.

Then, he started paying salaries late. He would pay the people he
needed the most first, and the others would get paid as the money
came in. You can imagine how quickly the company went from 10
employees down to 4. He would accept resignations but ask that they
please work out their contract term. Of course, he wouldn’t pay them
their final paycheck.

When he started paying my salary late, it was crap because he didnt
even phone or email to say that my salary would be paid in late. I
would have to call him. At this point I had already been going for
job interviews and had secured a position with a new company to start
in August, so I just needed to work out my July term.

Then he didnt pay me my June salary by the end of the month as he was
obligated to, so I went on strike and didnt come in. He paid my salary
when he found out I wouldnt finalise any of the urgent work
outstanding. The next day I came in and told him I wouldnt be working
out my term, and I left.

I hear the company is liquidating now. I don’t care, I love my new
job. One good thing did come out of it though. I met the girl of my
dreams who worked in the same building, and we are now planning on
getting married. Booyah!

6 Comments to The Techie

  1. I really hope the happy ending isn’t another mod redo. But yeah, that was a sucky boss, all right. If you’re going to be a manager, you should be able to make firm decisions. If you can’t do that and you’re wishy-washy about everything, you shouldn’t be a manager.

  2. Zephyr Skunk on November 12th, 2013
  3. I find it interesting and a little sad that when you now go to submit a story all you get is an error message. I hope this site isn’t dying like How I was Dumped did.

  4. Siobhan on November 13th, 2013
  5. Another craptacular story.

  6. No One on November 13th, 2013
  7. No wonder the stories suck the big wazoo:

    “submit to that’s my boss
    Contact Form Shortcode Error: Form 1 does not exist”

  8. Sir JP on November 13th, 2013
  9. so, we bitch when they don’t post stories, and we bitch when they do post stories.

    good on us!

  10. patricko on November 13th, 2013
  11. this story needed to be longer I didn’t fall completely asleep by the end of it.

  12. Joachim on November 14th, 2013

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